FM21 | Tales from Bordavia | #9 The Battle of Ozyorovska

For my main series “Totalitarian football” I’m going to be managing the made up club CSKA Aransk in the made up post-Soviet totalitarian Communist nation of Bordavia. I have covered the creation process in a series called “Creating Club and Country”:

  1. The birth of a nation
  2. Location, location, location
  3. The Club
  4. Crest and Kit
  5. Building Bordavia

The idea from the beginning was for CSKA Aransk to get invited into the Russian league system, where most of the adventure would take place. I was going to create a Bordavian league, but only the top tier, as a backdrop. However, after a literal hurricane of interest in getting involved in this adventure the idea took a turn into something completely different. Over 60 people have reached out and contributed with ideas for towns and clubs and stories. Bordavia has turned into a mystic but rather grim nation, full of quirks, stories and lore. I fell in love with both the commitment shown by you and the nation of Bordavia, which has lead to the creation process of an entire Bordavian database. This has been a real team effort, which I have enjoyed massively, but it has also meant that I haven’t had much time to write blog posts or record YT videos. Therefore I thought I’d kill two birds with one stone, by sharing stories from the nation of Bordavia up until the db release around Christmas.

If you want to read the other stories you can find them here.

Today’s story comes from Flakey and tells the story of “his town” Ozyorovska! Flakey has a great YouTube channel where he makes FIFA21 content as well as a few other games!

The Battle of Ozyorovska

Ozyorovska, a town with two big teams, and of course, they are rivals and there are strong feelings between the fans of both Spartak and Dinamo Ozyorovska.
Spartak, a team that’s been known as the “team of the people” are a club, that try and help out in the community, try and to make a difference in the city, with the people that are not as fortunate as others, and the chefs of Spartak will make sure that the homeless of the city get at least a warm meal per day. Dinamo does not care in the same way, their fans are from “the hills” of the west side of the town, where they just feel they are a little better than the rest of the people.
Both sides got some strong Ultras that make sure to carry the team in the games, and the derby’s, also known as “The battle of Ozyorovska” are the highlights of the year.

Spartak Ozyorovska

Spartak is run by the manager Ivan Khomotov, and he is a “old school” kind of guy, that prefer a tight defense, and counter attacking football. He usually go with a 4-2-3-1 where he have 4 defenders, and two defensive midfielders in front of them. Then there are a Left Winger a Central midfielder and a Right Winger, and in front of them, one single striker, trying to keep the opponents busy. This tactic has been very successful, but most teams they play, and especially their fans dislikes it, since it never becomes a great game with many goal chances … Usually a lot of 0-0 draws, 1-0 wins or losses.
Spartak is playing in all white kits at home. White shirts with text in black, white shorts with lines in black and white socks, with a black line just at the top. The away kit is an orange shirt, with black lines horizontal, the shorts are all orange, and the socks are orange and black stipes horizontal.

Players of Spartak

The team have a striker, Deniz Petrakov, that is a young player, where pace is his best weapon, he also got a great shot, and is usually one of the players that scores if Spartak scores, since its his job.
We also got two brothers in the team, Vladimir and Alexandr Galaiba 19 and 21 years old. Vladimir plays as the central midfielder with great ball control and passes, supporting the striker, while Alexandr is a RW, with great speed and crosses and he is known to beat his man on the wing and coming into the box with a hard an precise cross.
The two brothers usually always blame each other, if there is any miss in marking, and the opponents score, and its also common that the two are using their fists in the locker room after a loss, against each other.
The team captain and the Central Defender Nikita Dragomirov, he´s 6´7 tall, and have a weight around 220 lbs. Dragomirov is strong, and been getting his strength, helping out his father who is a lumberjack, where Nikita usually drags the logs through the snow, back to the truck while his father cuts them down.
Spartak also got a goalkeeper, Alexei Cerebayev, and he is a “typical” goalie, he´s big, tall and strong, and got great reflexes, but he is very unpredictable, and also have a “talent” where he got the will power to hold his breath till he passes out.
No one have yet found a use for this great skill of his.

Addition from Mikaelinho – Ozyorovska in the database

Both Dynamo and Spartak Ozyorovska start the 2020/21 season in the second tier so you’re in for a double derby straight away! Which team will be the first one to reach the Premyer Liga?



This was the ninth “Tale from Bordavia” and I’d like to thank Flakey for his great contribution. There will be a new one every day leading up to Christmas. I hope you’ll enjoy these little stories and that they will spark an interest large enough to follow my main series “Totalitarian Football” and maybe even try the database when it comes out!?

I stream my “Building Bordavia” creation process on Twitch on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. Come hang out and say hi!

I also upload episodes about the creation process to my YouTube channel. Make sure you subscribe so you don’t miss any content!

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