FM21 | Tales from Bordavia | #10 The town of Nevirinsk

For my main series “Totalitarian football” I’m going to be managing the made up club CSKA Aransk in the made up post-Soviet totalitarian Communist nation of Bordavia. I have covered the creation process in a series called “Creating Club and Country”:

  1. The birth of a nation
  2. Location, location, location
  3. The Club
  4. Crest and Kit
  5. Building Bordavia

The idea from the beginning was for CSKA Aransk to get invited into the Russian league system, where most of the adventure would take place. I was going to create a Bordavian league, but only the top tier, as a backdrop. However, after a literal hurricane of interest in getting involved in this adventure the idea took a turn into something completely different. Over 60 people have reached out and contributed with ideas for towns and clubs and stories. Bordavia has turned into a mystic but rather grim nation, full of quirks, stories and lore. I fell in love with both the commitment shown by you and the nation of Bordavia, which has lead to the creation process of an entire Bordavian database. This has been a real team effort, which I have enjoyed massively, but it has also meant that I haven’t had much time to write blog posts or record YT videos. Therefore I thought I’d kill two birds with one stone, by sharing stories from the nation of Bordavia up until the db release around Christmas.

If you want to read the other stories you can find them here.

Today’s story comes from Lumpjaw and tells the story of the rocket launching town of Nevirinsk!

The town of Nevirinsk

Population: 45 000

Just a picturesque city before the cold war underwent a massive change in the years leading up to the war when the Soviet regime felt the need for another rocket launch site to not fall behind it’s enemies. Located at the base of the Mount Nevirinsk, Nevirinsk town was the perfect place for a rocket science center as the building could be built into the mountains and made near impossible to see from the outside.

Building the rocket science center, named Galaktion Cosmodrome, gave the city lots of new jobs and when the governing body later decided to place a university focused on rocket science and engineering to work with the science center the town “exploded” in recognition and population, at least during the semesters. With influences coming from all over the country it did not take long for the football side to grow.

The Club – Raketa Nevirinsk

Team: Raketa Nevirinsk
Nickname: Raketa
Arena: Nevirinsk Cosmodrome Arena
Colors: Navy, gold, white
Manager: Artemiy Ilyich. A forward thinking young (29) manager who came to the city to study. Preferring a 3-5-2 formation where it’s wing backs and central attacking midfielder are the most important players. Pressing high to try to surprise the opposition. It works sometimes, and it backfires completely sometimes.

Starting out as just a university team, FK Nevirinsk, took the step to the big league when Bordavia went full communist republic, Raketa Nevirinsk was born. Donning the colors of navy, gold and white, the colors taken directly from Galaktion Cosmodrome, the club became the city’s sporting favorite, owned by the group behind the rocket science centre – The Lazarev family.

Addition from Mikaelinho – Raketa Nevirinsk in the database

The town of Nevirinsk only have one team in the database, Raketa Nevirinsk. This club is a fairly large one though, starting off in the second tier with fairly decent facilities. With the state funded space program behind them, maybe you could make Raketa rocket up through the league pyramid!?

This was the tenth “Tale from Bordavia” and I’d like to thank Lumpjaw for his great contribution. There will be a new one every day leading up to Christmas. I hope you’ll enjoy these little stories and that they will spark an interest large enough to follow my main series “Totalitarian Football” and maybe even try the database when it comes out!?

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