Bordavia database

The fully playable database of Bordavia is a work in progress. Expect bugs and errors. Report them at to help improve the database.

Bordavia is a made up post-Soviet Communist totalitarian nation, created by MikaelinhoFM and friends. You can read about the creation process here.

The current database version (v1.1) contains:

  • 135 teams (plus 2nd teams and U19s teams)
  • 12 playable divisions over 5 tiers plus two cup competitions
  • Crests and kits for every club (except for Kegscow Komrades and KF Solevuta)
  • Correct colours and stadiums for every club
  • Players and staff for every team (except for Zvezda Nakhotov)

To be added next

  • Club info for every team
  • League history
  • Cup history

Download link for graphics

Download link for LATEST database version (1.3.2) – Updated 10th Jan

—Fixes for v1.3.2—
Fixed issue with not all oblast championships showing.
Added prize money to all competitions and fixed issue with wrong prize money for 1st place finish in Natsionalnaya Liga
Added team history to all Natsionalnaya teams
Minor changes to player names and positions

Download link for database version (1.2.1) – Updated 29th Dec

—Fixes for v1.2.1—
60 players moved from Yunion Brunograd to Zvezda Nakhotov
Fixed issue of too harsh disciplinary rules
Fixed issue with too many players with the same names
Fixed kit colours for Anglo Sikorski
Added transfer windows 1 Jan – 31 Jan and 16 May – 8 Aug
Added team Red Bull Aransk
Added Oblast championships
Added lower league cups
Added (not playable) 6th tier – Divizion 4

Download link for database version (1.1) – Updated 26th Dec – fixed issue with “db not verified”


  1. Press the links above and download the database and graphics zip-file
  2. Save the files
  3. Unzip the graphics file
  4. Move the database .fmf file to the following location: %userprofile%\Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2021\editor data
  5. Move the graphics folders to the following location: %userprofile%\Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2021\graphics
  6. If you don’t have a “graphics” folder, create one
  7. Start a new game
  8. Choose database file with the same name as the latest database version, for example “Bordavia v1.1”
  9. Start a new game with the Bordavian leagues and enjoy

If the logos or kits don’t show correctly, in the game press “FM”, go to Preferences->Interface->Clear Cache->Reload skin

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