MikaelinhoFM presents…

A three platform series

The idea of my latest series, “Swedish Mafia”, is to run it over three platforms. Episodes on YouTube three times per week (Mon+Wed+Fri), live streams on Twitch on Tue and/or Thu and a weekly summary blog post here.

Following one platform is enough to follow this adventure, but if you want to dig a bit deeper, there’s plenty of content for you!

“Swedish Mafia” is a great Football Manager 20 adventure. German 3rd tier club FC Hansa Rostock has a new owner with a plan to bring the club back to it’s former glory days. To help him out, he has reunited The “Swedish Mafia”, six former players who all started in the 2003 Bundesliga win against Nürnberg, setting a league record of most foreign players from the same nation ever!

Episode 0 lets you meet Hansa Rostock owner “Herr Rolf” and also explains the idea of the series and the Swedish connection.

After a pre-season in the mountains it’s time for the first game of the German 3. Liga season. Hansa Rostock play relegation favourites Chemnitz and the result can only go one way, right?

Hansa Rostock - Swedish Mafia 2019/20 season

The first Twitch stream saw us starting to turn things around. The fans seem like an active bunch and the songs are plenty. We seemed to have come to the right place!

After a great winning streak we stand face to face with the massive Bayern Münich. It’s their second team, I know, but when they feature Cuisance and Arp we’re in for a tough game!

The first blog post covers the introduction, lets you meet Hansa Rostock owner “Herr Rolf” and also explains the idea of the series and the Swedish connection.

It’s time for the second round of the German Cup against massive favourites Vfb Stuttgart. Can Marcus Allbäck’s motivational speech spur the players to cause a serious upset?

Star winger Nic Omladic is haunted by Swedish nightmares, but the reality proves to be even worse than his dreams! At the same time he needs to get his sh * t together, because Hansa Rostock are competing for the promotion spots!

In the 2nd Twitch stream the team looked like they were destined for a promotion spot, but all of a sudden the form was nowhere to be seen! Could this become an epic bottle job?

Owner Herr Rolf combines the strategy of signing Swedes with a get rich quick scheme to get the finances back on track. Hopefully this doesn’t shift manager Marcus Allbäck’s focus, as Hansa Rostock is about to play their most important game in many years.

The first proper blog post is a review of the 2019/20 season in the 3. Liga.

Manager Marcus Allbäck is not awarded any money, despite getting promoted to the 2nd Bundesliga. He’s forced to scour the recycling bin for new players ahead of the new season, but who needs money when we’ve got Manneh!?

After a better start to the 2. Bundesliga season than anyone could have hoped for it’s time for the first and perhaps fiercest derby of the season, against filthy St Pauli.

The league form is rocky, but an epic performance by our star striker might just be the perfect inspiration we need to cause a new cup upset! It’s time for the 2nd round of the DFB-Pokal against Bundesliga side Paderborn!

The 2nd blog episode covers the first half of the 2020/21 season. How have the team adapted to the 2. Bundesliga?

Hansa Rostock owner Herr Rolf introduces a new Club DNA together with partner IKEA. Not everyone is as excited as he is though. Some are even calling him crazy…

We arrive at the end of the 2nd season with a mid-table finish already secured. The only question remaining is how much prize money we get to launch our rebuild. The aging squad needs to be replaced with young blood if we want to aim higher in season 3!

With only 9 players left in the squad going into the off-season between the 2nd and 3rd season, Hansa Rostock Manager Marcus Allbäck really needs to work a bit of magic to form a squad good enough to compete in the 2. Bundesliga. Will he get a squad ready for the opening game of the 2021/22 season?

In the 3rd blog episode we find out how the 2nd season ended. Is it time to start over or can we build on the current situation?